Tarot of Brass & Steam

The Kickstarter was a success--thank you everyone!

What if Tesla hadn't been stopped?

In a world where Tesla's genius wasn't checked, because Edison was the Devil who honored his deals; where steam and clockwork technology flowed from the New World to the Orient, and from the Old Country to the Dark Continent; this is the world of Brass and Steam! And this is the tarot deck of that steampunk alternate reality, encompassing not just traditional Victorian enviornments, but examining what steampunk might have been like at all corners of the globe.

Welcome, and please pardon my virtual dust--I'm (re)learning web design as I go, and some pages are still a work in progress. Please feel free to look around. If you're interested in the cards (and really, why wouldn't you be?), click on the Gallery link, and see a sample of some of the cards completed so far.

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